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Corporate Sustainability Planning Assessment Guide: A Comprehensive Organizational Assessment by Donald C. Fisher, Ph.D

Corporate sustainability planning has risen in prominence over the past few years among leading organizations as a tool to achieve strategic dominance within the global marketplace.  Corporate Sustainability Planning Assessment Guide: A Comprehensive Organizational Assessment focuses on the concept and scope of sustainability efforts as they relate to an organization and the corporate integration of economic, environmental, and social issues that the organization impacts.   

In 1987, the the Brundtland Commission (formally the World Commission on Environment and Development) noted that sustainability does not focus solely on environmental issues, but on three foundations of growth which include economic, environmental and social factors. 

Corporate sustainability planning for an organization builds on its core values and can provide direction and rationale for the integration of sustainability principles among employees, vendors, and customers. This comprehensive, Baldrige-based manual will aid an organization in identifying strategic opportunities for improvement regarding their sustainability efforts. The manual will be most valuable in developing and/or improving a corporate sustainability plan and will help an organization identify and strategically address sustainability opportunities that will:

  • Increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Enhance an organization’s reputation, brand, and market value
  • Better attract and retain talented employees
  • Mitigate regulatory and business risks
  • Address key economic, environmental, and social issues within an organization
  • Serve as a “Best-Practice” Benchmark for an organization through the utilization of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index that appears in the Glossary of this book. 

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