Minitab Level 1 Analysis Workshop

Minitab Level 1 Analysis Workshop

Minitab Statistical Software is a leading data analysis package used extensively by organizational improvement professionals.  It is the most commonly used package for Lean Six Sigma professionals world-wide and is a key component in providing robust statistical analysis across all stages of a data analysis and improvement project.

The Minitab Level 1 Workshop is a 3-day training program combining lecture, instructor-led examples, group discussion and hands-on participant exercises.    Users are also encouraged to bring their own data set so they can apply the tools learned in the class to their own data.  Group discussions are often centered around specific examples brought to the class by participants.

The topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Minitab Navigation Review
  • Analysis Worksheet Structure
  • Data Types
  • Data Clean-up
  • Importing data into Minitab
  • Descriptive Statistics – Location and Dispersion
  • Visualizing Variation
  • Understanding Distributions
  • Visualizing Data over Time
  • Visualizing Relationships -
  • The Role of Confidence Intervals
  • Principles of Hypothesis Testing
  • T-Tests and ANOVA
  • Attribute Tests
  • Tests for Equal Variance
  • Power and Sample Size
  • Correlation and Simple Regression
  • Process Management and Control Charts
  • Individuals and X-Bar
  • Attribute Charts

A basic understanding of the Minitab software is required for course participants. 

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