Minitab I -Overview Class

Minitab Statistical Software is a leading data analysis package used extensively by organizational improvement professionals.  It is the most commonly used package for Lean Six Sigma professionals world-wide and is a key component in providing robust statistical analysis across all stages of a data analysis and improvement project.

The Minitab I Class is a 1-day course introducing new users to the software.   The class provides the necessary foundation for initial use and for learning more in-depth statistical tools.   The course focuses on the critical aspects of navigation, data entry, file formats, worksheet structure, initial analysis and visualization and reporting.    The topics covered include:

  • Software Navigation
  • Analysis Worksheet Structure and Data Types
  • Importing data into Minitab
  • Calculating Descriptive Statistics
  • Principles of Visualizing Data
  • Bar Charts, Histograms and Box Plots
  • Individual Value Plots
  • Time Series Plots
  • Understanding Relationships Between Variables
  • Using Groups within Graphs
  • Correlations
  • Scatter Plots

The class uses a course workbook and instructor led examples.   Questions and group discussion are encouraged. 

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