“Learn to See” Workshop

 This workshop is intended for those interested in the elimination of “Waste” in their work process. The benefits of “waste” elimination includes simplification of workflow, streamlined process, increased profits, less overtime, increased throughput, less scrap/rework, lower product costs, smaller footprint, improved quality, improved customer/employee satisfaction, etc. Many of these “waste” items are sources of worker frustration; they do exist and are frequently seen as a normal consequence of work. This workshop provides simulations that demonstrate the strategies that eliminate “waste” and provide the above-mentioned benefits. Also included is a 1-hour session to review your actual work-related process and “see” the potential opportunities.

 These improvement strategies have been practiced by companies such as G.E., Honeywell, Motorola, Ford, and Toyota for years and the savings have been widely publicized. Your team can generate these same savings with the guidance from this workshop and our professional.

 Studies have shown that the first-time evaluation of a business process reveals that more than 90% of the lead time is “waste” and not adding value. With our proven strategies of waste elimination, the participants can easily identify and eliminate “waste”. Hence, this workshop enables the participants to “See” the waste and take steps to eliminate the “waste”.

Let’s get started on your process improvement, improved performance and realize the business results that are needed. We have helped others realize these benefits and we can do the same for you and your team.

 This workshop is completed in approximately 6 hours and includes a 1-hour 1-on-1 facilitation session with a professional advisor. This facilitation is done by an internet conferencing call (i.e., Zoom, Facetime, etc.) and scheduled by the participant.

Costs: $600 per participant

Scheduling: This workshop can be scheduled at any time and for any number of Team members.

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