The Mid-South Quality Productivity Center has products and services designed to improve organizations.  Certificates of participation are presented at the completion of each course.  For a printable list of our 2016 Course Offerings, including prices and descriptions, click here.



With Minitab 17, no one needs to be intimidated by statistics. If you don't have a statistical background, or if you're just a little rusty, Minitab 17 removes that barrier.

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Minitab I -Overview Class

The Minitab I Class is a 1-day course introducing new users to the software. The class provides the necessary foundation for initial use and for learning more in-depth statistical tools. The course focuses on the critical aspects of navigation, data entry, file formats, worksheet structure, initial analysis and visualization and reporting.

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Minitab II – Statistical Introduction Class

The Minitab II – Intermediate Analysis Class is a 2-day course designed to teach users familiar with the software the most common analysis tools used in improvement projects. The course focuses on teaching key principles of statistical analysis and using data to drive effective decisions.

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Minitab Level 1 Analysis Workshop

The Minitab Level 1 Workshop is a 3-day training program combining lecture, instructor-led examples, group discussion and hands-on participant exercises. Users are also encouraged to bring their own data set so they can apply the tools learned in the class to their own data. Group discussions are often centered around specific examples brought to the class by participants.

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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma can be described as a statistical method to eliminate waste and improve efficiency in an organization’s processes. Having a history dating back to Motorola and being defined as eliminating defects, Lean Six Sigma has been taken to an extraordinary level that spans across an array of industries beyond manufacturing.

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Lean Office (Basics)

This training provides the participants with an understanding of the Lean principles, the tools that can be applied, and the potential business impacts.

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The Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program’s mission is to improve the competitiveness and performance of U.S. organizations for the benefit of all U.S. residents.

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Internal Auditor Training

Two-day internal auditor training

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Root Cause Analysis

Six Sigma Lite – effective problem solving without all the heavy statistics!

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Problem Solution Generation

Organizations and individuals are always trying to solve analytical and/or creative problems. Far too often the process of brainstorming is relied on as the primary method to help identify potential solutions. However, there are more powerful options available that are more rigorous and typically generate a greater number of possibilities that are likely to be more potent and reliable. This 1-day workshop will present several additional options that can provide triggers to improve the solution generation process by thinking about a system from different perspectives.

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Process Activated Training System® (PATS)

The Process Activated Training System®, or "PATS," designed by Dr. Donald C. Fisher, is a Baldrige-based, structured, systematic, method of delivering on-the-job training. It is a quality approach to ensuring that training is accomplished in a consistent, efficient basis.

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Corporate Intelligence: A Baldrige-Based Corporate Espionage Organizational Assessment

The concept and scope of corporate intelligence as it relates to an organization entails the high stakes of corporate espionage efforts being deployed by individuals, corporations, and countries worldwide that the organization impacts. Corporate espionage is the most common means by which an organization tries to gain competitive or financial advantage over one or more competitors. Many organizations hire ex-military and government agents trained in very sophisticated spying techniques to obtain sensitive, competitive and trademarked data and information under the guise of competitive intelligence.

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Problem Solving - A3 Method

This training provides the participants with the skills needed to “solve” today’s process related problems.

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Lean "Gemba" Walk

This training session will be completed on-site and with your selected Team members. A process or work area will be identified and the Lean Leader will “walk” the area with the Team members and discuss the work being completed.

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"Just Fix It"

These 1-on-1 sessions are an opportunity to connect with a professional to solve that “nagging” business issue. A customer complaint, problem, corrective action, process issues – there’s always that one issue that continues to appear and efforts to resolve it have been unsuccessful.

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“Learn to See” Workshop

This workshop is intended for those interested in the elimination of “Waste” in their work process.

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"Documentation" ~ Too Small for ISO 9001

This workshop demonstrates how “Documentation” can be a true asset to an organization. Proper “documentation” enables an organization to reduce errors, eliminate rework costs, reduce floor space, reduce inventories, increase customer/employee satisfaction and increase sales.

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Lean Six Sigma Simulation Day

This workshop includes many exercises and examples that demonstrates the benefits and methods of both Lean Manufacturing/Office and Six Sigma.

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