Baldrige Green ™ Award

March 31st, 2014

MSQPC Announces New Baldrige Green Award

MSQPC’s newest Baldrige-based Quality Cup Award, known as Baldrige Green, requires no written application.  The Award Application process requires the applicant to conduct a Baldrige-based Corporate Sustainability -Triple Bottom-Line- (Economic –Environmental-Social) Self-assessment of their organization. 

The organization’s score will be validated by a panel of Judges who will make an on-site visit.  The site visit would last for approximately 3 hours.  The benefits of applying for the Greater Memphis Chamber Baldrige Green Quality Cup Award include:

  • Use of the Baldrige Criteria to identify your organization’s corporate sustainability/ social responsibility planning issues.
  • Conducting an in-house corporate sustainability self-assessment of your organization.
  • Identification of key economic, environmental, and social issues that impact an organization’s corporate sustainability and competitiveness.
  • Development of a Baldrige-based Corporate Sustainability Plan incorporating the organization’s Triple Bottom-Line Planning issues that are aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index.

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