Dr. Fisher Greets Gov. Bill Haslam During an Event at Southwest Tennessee Community College

September 14th, 2015

MSQPC Executive Director/CEO, Dr. Donald C. Fisher greets Gov. Bill Haslam during an event in the Bert Bornblum Library at Southwest Tennessee Community College -Macon Cove campus on August 25th 2015.

Gov. Bill Haslam, along with other legislative leaders spoke to classmates on campus on August 25th, their second day of school. Haslam proposed Tennessee Promise as part of his “Drive to 55” initiative, whose goal is to increase the share of Tennessee residents with at least a two-year degree. He spoke about the program’s goals and its popularity. Haslam proposed Tennessee Promise last year.  MSQPC is a Baldrige-based center that also is a partnership between The Greater Memphis Chamber & Southwest Tennessee Community College.

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