"Documentation" ~ Too Small for ISO 9001

Thursday, Jul 28, 2022, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

This workshop demonstrates how “Documentation” can be a true asset to an organization.  Proper “documentation” enables an organization to reduce errors, eliminate rework costs, reduce floor space, reduce inventories,  increase customer/employee satisfaction and increase sales.  Many times, “Documentation” is considered to be too complex, costly, bureaucratic, difficult to create, not used/followed, etc. and hence; for all of these reasons it is not used.  “Documentation” is actually very EASY to create, essential for workers, reduces costs, and increases sales.  Participants in this training will learn how to create “Documentation” that can be done “EASY” and in a very short period of time.  Workers will appreciate having this ‘Documentation” and your customer will appreciate the benefits of improved quality and on-time delivery.  Using a few simple concepts “Documentation” can be created for the entire organization and hence enable improved operating efficiency and effectiveness.  These “Documentation” methods are applicable to any organization; large or small, manufacturing or office, formal quality system or just starting a quality system.  Let’s simplify your “Documentation” and start generating some business benefits.

This workshop requires 4 hours to complete.

Location: TBA

Cost: Greater Memphis Chamber member: $700

         Prospective Greater Memphis Chamber member: $750

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