Gold (Project Award)

Based on the former RIT/USA Today Quality Cup Team Award


The Mid-South Quality and Productivity Center presents a Regional Quality Cup Award which is aligned with the Baldrige Award Criteria and the former RIT/USA Today Quality Cup Award. This award honors individual teams (six categories) that make exceptional contributions to their employers’ quality improvement programs. The winning teams serve as regional and national role models, encouraging others to accept principles and practices that lead to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. The accomplishments of the 2019 Quality Cup winning teams will be recounted in an issue of The Chamber E-newsletter. 

Download the application by clicking here 


Submit form with $300.00 nomination fee ($350.00 for non-members of the Greater Memphis Chamber).

The regional application will be judged by MSQPC--The Quality Center Staff and Baldrige-trained examiners

Regional winners will receive the Quality Cup Award and media coverage.


Awards are made to individual teams in each of six categories:

    Educational institutions

    Government units and agencies

    Health care organizations

    Manufacturing firms

    Service firms

    Small businesses

Both U.S. and foreign firms and organizations may nominate teams so long as the team members are employed in the United States and are members of the Greater Memphis Chamber. Multiple applications are allowed.

 HOW TO APPLY? (Application Form)

Applications should be made in recognition of exemplary customer service or for exceptionally valuable improvements in a system or process for achieving customer satisfaction. A fully completed official application form (or photocopy) along with 3 copies (4 copies total) including supporting documentation, must be submitted for each application.

 The application form asks for responses to specific questions. Each of the questions specifies a desired length for the response. Responses that exceed the specified length will be considered by the judges, but will be penalized. Responses must be typed, single-spaced on standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. Additional supporting documentation must also be typed or reproduced on standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper and must comprise no more than six pages.

 The application must be signed by an officer or executive of the applying organization whose span of authority includes the team being applied.

An organization may apply for more than one team, but only one team per application form. Each original application along with three copies must be accompanied by a $300.00/$350.00 application fee, payable to:

Dr. Donald Fisher

MSQPC—The Quality Center, 

22 North Front, Suite 200 

Memphis, TN 38103.

 *Each original and copy should be stapled in the upper left-hand corner – no binders or sheet protectors please.*



The fully completed application form, and three copies including supporting documentation, properly signed, and each stapled in the left-hand corner.

 No more than one team per application form

 Responses to the application form’s questions typed on standard 8 ½ x 11 inch paper.

 No more than six additional pages of documentation typed or reproduced on standard 8½ x 11 inch paper.

 A $300.00/$350.00 application fee payable to MSQPC - The Quality Center, 22 North Front, Suite 200, Memphis, TN 38103.


Regional judging is administered by MSQPC - The Quality Center staff (Dr. Donald Fisher, MSQPC Executive Director/CEO, was a member of the National RIT/USA Today Panel of Judges). Judges include quality experts from consulting industry and universities. In the first round of judging, each application is read and scored by a pair of Baldrige-trained judges. Consensus is reached by an additional panel of Baldrige-trained judges.



Applicants will be provided with the judges' comments for each of the judging criteria, but without commentary or explanation. Decisions of the judges are final.