Student Kyle Swafford with Smith & Nephew Completes Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program!

April 10th, 2017

Lean Six Sigma is a statistical method to assist companies in improving efficiency and eliminating waste in its processes, giving those businesses new methods for defining, measuring, analyzing and controlling their operations and financials. On average, companies that have implemented Lean Six Sigma processes have improved their bottom lines by $500,000 to $1 million.

During the training, participants must identify and complete a sustainable project that shows a dollar amount cost savings for their companies. Belt colors represent different levels of training and different roles in that project, with yellow belt serving as an introduction to Lean Six Sigma and green and black belt mid-level employees and managerial implentation. 

Monte Massongill, is a Lean Six Sigma instructor and a consultant with MSQPC. 

Over the last year, MSQPC has trained nearly 25 Smith & Nephew employees in Lean Six Sigma and is providing coaching to assist with project completion. Upon certification, the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt graduates recieved a certificate and embroidered black belt in commemoration of their accomplishment. Certification indicates mastery of the statisitcal methods to elimate waste and improve effciency in their organization's processes. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt graduates recieve certificate and embroidered black belt in commemoration of their accomlishment. 

Our recent black belt graduate Kyle Swafford is with Smith & Nephew. 

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