Project Management

Wednesday, Mar 18, 2020, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Project managers must understand and coordinate many things at once; people, stakeholders, resources, budget and unforeseen issues.    Defining and implementing a plan to manage these items is critical for ensuring the success of a project.  This course is designed to provide participants with the core knowledge and skills necessary to become effective and efficient project managers. 

 Course Content:

In this course, participants will learn practical methods for defining and managing the schedule, resources, cost, risk and quality of a project.  Through a combination of lecture, group discussion and hands-on exercises the course will cover the following topics:

 Project Management Overview

  • What is a project?
  • ·What is necessary for project success?
  • ·What is the role of a project manager?
  • ·Project objectives, scope and constraints
  • ·Key stakeholder, sponsor and project member roles 

 Project Planning

  • Project life cycle and planning
  • ·Project deliverables
  • ·Introduction to project planning tools
  • ·Work breakdown structure
  • ·Estimating time and cost
  • ·Resource allocation and management
  • ·Predecessor and task linkage
  • ·Gantt charts
  • ·Risk management and contingency planning
  • ·Project documentation

 Managing the Project After Launch

  • Monitoring project progress and performance
  • ·Identifying and eliminating issues
  • ·Effective decision making
  • ·Sponsor and stakeholder communications
  • ·Managing change requests and scope creep

Managing Project Teams

  • Determining appropriate team meeting frequency
  • Running an effective team meeting
  • Generating efficient team meeting notes
  • Managing team issues and providing effective team member feedback

 Project Close

  • Measuring project success
  • Assessing project results vs. objectives
  • Presenting results to project sponsors
  • Confirming sponsor acceptance
  • Final project documentation and project close-out
  • Sharing project success and best practices

Register online here. **Registration of three or more participants from one company is discounted to $475.00 per participant**

Instructor: Drew Mohler

 Contact MSQPC if you would like to conduct Project Management training on-site for your organization.

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